SpinPanel WorkSpace

The fast and easy way to manage a modern workplace, built for your business.

Configured in minutes, no supporting infrastructure required and works out-of-the-box!

  • A unified solution that combines the best of Office 365, Microsoft Azure and Windows 10 and instantly enables your business to deploy and manage a modern workplace. Without configuring any infrastructure and without the need to configure the end-user’s device!

    Many companies face the challenges below:

    The management infrastructure for a modern workplace is complex.
    Devices require pre-deployment or customized agents for management.
    The modern workplace does not support the same feature set as on-premises solution.

    Sounds familiar? In that case SpinPanel WorkSpace is the solution for your challenges!

    • SpinPanel WorkSpace is multi-tenant and configured in minutes
    • No infrastructure or configuration on the end-user’s device required
    • Works out-of-the-box and doesn’t require custom agents
    • Same features and experience as an on-premise solution
  • Provisioning of your Windows 10 device with automated settings

    Device management and assignment (i.e. printers)
    User and machine policies
    Roaming profile, synchronized with OneDrive
    Pre configured Office installation
    SharePoint / OneDrive drive mappings
    Legacy app support

    PowerShell scripting

    Prepopulated Marketplace with script library
    Create your own scripts