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Spinpanel helps Scoria Tech with Microsoft 365 licence management

Helping Scoria Tech to improve CSP workflows

Helping Scoria Tech to improve CSP workflows

It’s an exciting time for the IT Services industry right now. With the growth in home-based working due to COVID-19, organizations are relying more than ever on service providers to enable remote workforces and underpin day-to-day IT operations.


Like many other growing businesses, service providers experience growing pains as the business gets larger. Tasks like reporting, billing and managing licenses soon become repetitive and time-consuming as the support ticket backlog fills up. Like many CSPs, we experienced this first-hand during our days as a growing CSP in the Netherlands. We formed Spinpanel to help Microsoft Partners overcome these challenges and help them to scale and satisfy their client’s expectations.


Scoria Tech

We had a virtual coffee with Scoria Tech, a London based Managed Service Provider (MSP) dedicated to simplifying IT processes for businesses and teams. Since its inception in 2016, Scoria Tech experienced dramatic company and client growth, which is credit to their innovative approach of building IT services that suit individual customer and tenant needs.


Managing growing license volumes

In the early stages, a team of 20 found provisioning manageable. However, Scoria Tech’s fast expansion soon highlighted challenges, and it became clear they needed to connect with other solution providers. Why? They wanted to build a ‘technology jigsaw’ to benefit their client base, and team’s workload.


“Our clients were logging multiple tickets requesting to manage their own Microsoft license provisioning. We needed to automate certain processes to support the day-to-day work demand.” Craig Laffer, Founder & Technical Director of Scoria Tech.


Spinpanel - Scoria Tech Collaboration

Collaborating with Spinpanel enables Scoria Tech to streamline processes and deliver seamless client experiences. Spinpanel’s storefront capability enables Scoria Tech’s customers to look at existing license quantities, examine their subscription growth and identify improvements and over-provisioned licenses. Ultimately, Spinpanel gives Scoria Tech’s customers their independence to choose what is necessary for their business.


Self-service was also a no-brainer. The in-house team saw this as a huge time saving opportunity, as they could say goodbye to traditional support tickets piling up. Customer’s unused licenses are ‘handed back’ overnight, and clients save money in their sleep. A win-win for everyone.


“What tipped the balance of our decision making was the Spinpanel - Autotask billing connector. We already used Autotask, but the two in collaboration has given us a seamless, automated invoice experience.”


“I’m all about the data. Linking the two together to collect usage analytics allows us to transparently bill customers with clear invoices. Automating billing processes saves us hours of time, while publishing appropriate customer results.”


Efficiencies delivered

Craig goes on to tell us how Spinpanel supports them to become more profitable. Automating the human involvement from everyday processes allows their team to keep developing innovative solutions, while delivering positive end-to-end business processes to fit client needs.


Spinpanel and Scoria Tech have been working together since the start of 2020, and we are grateful to work with such a dynamic Partner. We look forward to seeing their continued success and will carry on listening to our customers to understand how we can support them to thrive.