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Spinpanel helps Netrics with CSP Reporting

Enhance your CSP Reporting

Enhance your CSP Reporting

At Spinpanel, we like to consider ourselves a 'Partner of Partners'. Having gone through the growing pains as a Microsoft Partner, we know all too well the challenges our customers face. This is why we connect with our customers often to understand how Spinpanel is helping them in their day-to-day roles.


Netrics AG is a Gold Microsoft CSP based in Switzerland, specializing in cloud solutions, colocation and networking services. Netrics approached Spinpanel in February 2019 with the challenge faced by many CSPs: How to improve and automate CSP reporting and billing processes.


"When we started with Office 365, we had no idea about the topic of billing", says Enrico Golhhahn, Product Manager for Netrics in Switzerland. "Transparency is becoming so complex – because you don’t really understand the Excel files supplied by Microsoft. For a long time, we managed billing and reporting per customer by hand. That’s why we were looking for a platform that is available as a cloud service and takes the burden of reporting and billing away from us."


"The decision was not that easy as it's really hard when you try to compare suppliers, because every supplier has their own outstanding feature, GUI or price-tag. But in the end it is also about being a 'people business'. and we have to trust our partners in terms of support and developing new features … and Spinpanel gave us the feeling that the social and soft-factors are considered."


Enrico explains how Spinpanel enables their reporting consolidation needs and helps them to free up time via Spinpanel's self-service licensing functionality. "Spinpanel's PowerBI-based reporting add-on provides a great and easy-to-understand overview for us and our customers including reporting and license management in one interface. This is exactly what we were looking for, because we wanted to hand over the license management to our customers and the users and no longer order every single license on behalf of the customer by hand via their Partner Center account. Last but not least, of course, the Spinpanel price model was also a deciding factor."


When considering the key benefits, Enrico elaborates: "Now our customer receives only a very short and summarized invoice for their office and azure services. We do not have to create reports by hand and this means hours of time is saved every month. The customer will find the reporting and the individual proofs independently inside Spinpanel.  Also the license management tool is a very good thing because now our customers are able to order additional licenses or products by themselves – which means they can do this 24Γ—7 in real-time."


When asked about the 'deciding factors' for choosing a CSP automation platform, Enrico praises Spinpanel's responsive support team and attentive approach "Of course, there are a lot of vendors on the market who deal with these topics around cost and license management. However, at the end of the day, Spinpanel has a very good account management und very fast support team which is enormously important at the end of every month – because this is when you have to do the reporting and billing. So if a Microsoft partner is looking for someone who responds competently and quickly, then Spinpanel could be the first choice."


Enrico Goldhahn, Product Manager - Netrics