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Spinpanel helps iV4 with self-service

Self-service to the rescue

Self-service to the rescue

Business success doesn’t happen overnight; it’s often a long journey with many bumps and meanders along the way. Over the years Spinpanel has worked with many Managed Service Providers (MSPs). We deeply appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that go into building a successful MSP. Wearing multiple hats, jugging priorities and dealing with growing support ticket backlogs are common complaints of many service providers.  


Spinpanel is on a global mission to help MSPs and Microsoft Partners elevate and scale their businesses, hit their success goals and continue to excel the needs of their Microsoft customers. With this in mind, we boarded a virtual flight and transported ourselves to the US where we spoke to Jeanne Morelli, COO at iv4. 


iv4 are a company who have fused business and technology for more than 20 years, aligning custom solutions and strategies to drive innovation and growth for their customers. The team have been using Spinpanel for a couple of years, after realizing they needed a solution to reduce the tedious and time-consuming tasks that their team manages every day. 


During iv4’s growth phase, license and subscription provisioning became increasingly arduous, with mounting workloads inevitably leading to mistakes and human error. As their customer base grew, so did the demand for licenses, which is where Spinpanel’s core automation features such as self-service gave the iv4 team the boost they needed. Customer demands also prompted the need for two additional features iv4 could benefit from: Power BI reports and the Spinpanel-Autotask billing connector.  


“Microsoft reports don't deliver the same level of functionality with reporting, so Spinpanel really benefits our clients. They receive a high level of information, in an easy to navigate report interface, allowing them to understand workloads,” explains Jeanne. 


After a successful onboarding Spinpanel’s reporting functionalities are now a crucial feature used throughout their business. This tool shows iv4’s customers which servers and resources are contributing to the majority of their Azure consumption, highlighting where the spikes of monthly spend lie. This data also allows iv4 to address and balance the customer workload, giving them the opportunity to educate their clients on how to manage their consumption accordingly. 


Jeanne believes Spinpanel brings a lot of benefits to iv4. Internally the team love how much time Spinpanel saves them. They don’t need to pay attention to the burdensome responsibilities of administrative tasks, such as billing, and can rely on automation to accurately deliver these tasks for them.  


“To put this into perspective, we had a team member focusing on the reconciliation of licensing on a monthly basis, between the Microsoft portal and our contracts in Autotask. It would take the better part of a day for this team member to process one client’s tenant number in our CSP. It was a thankless job, that no one enjoyed doing. But now, with the support of the Spinpanel-Autotask billing connector, we are saving at a very minimum of 8+ hours a month.” 


Their clients also appreciate iv4’s collaboration with Spinpanel. Jeanne explains how one of their largest Azure customers loves having the control and ability to really drill down and analyze their reports, to see what their organization is using, and estimating their costs on the data collected. So, it’s a win-win for everyone, as the iv4 team can use our platform to collate these informative reports. 


Both Spinpanel and iv4 have grown together. We look forward to continued partnership and to support them as they grow their global entity.