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Spinpanel helps 2source4 with automation

2source4 and their automation success

2source4 and their automation success


Business growth is often a double-edged sword.


As revenues rise and the customer portfolio grows, so do the number of operational challenges faced by the business. Service desk tasks can reach breaking point, spurring on the need to look for solutions to help lighten the workload.


When service desk teams spend hours facilitating customer license and subscription demands, important service tickets can slip by the wayside. Everyone’s dealt with a missing support ticket here and there. However, missing tickets can lead to unhappy customers and unresolved problems. Many MSPs notice the need to improve support capabilities early on, which is what happened for 2source4 - a savvy managed services provider who helps businesses to overcome their IT challenges reliably, quickly and securely.


Spinpanel - 2source4 collaboration

2source4 weren’t using any automation software prior to collaborating with Spinpanel. Over time, they started to find it challenging to keep up with growing customer numbers and user subscription requests. Feedback told them many of their customers were interested in managing their Microsoft environment themselves. After comparing platforms, the simplicity, user experience and pricing of Spinpanel made it the most attractive software vendor to collaborate with.


One of the main pain-points for 2source4’s service desk team, was managing all licenses quantities, manually.


“We needed a solution to help streamline and support our team’s everyday customer management. Spinpanel self-service was an immediate draw.” Explained Jilles van den Bosch - COO of 2source4.


Within a short space of time using self-service, they realized they had landed on a win-win situation. For the team, there was a noticeable decrease in subscription support ticket numbers, freeing up time to focus on more important customer enquiries.


“Before using Spinpanel we received around 176 tickets in one year about license up and downscales. Since using the platform, we’ve experienced a significant drop. We now receive around 78 tickets a year, with a reduction of 50%. This gives me the ability to spend a much larger portion of my time focusing on more urgent customer support tickets.” Tim Kragten, Servicedesk member at 2source4.


Self-service has also made customers more satisfied, as they can manage their licenses much faster, easily controlling license volume changes across multiple users. We’re sure every MSP can understand these requests can’t usually be facilitated immediately, especially when relying on manual reconciliation processes.


Having a ‘shopping basket’ of Microsoft licenses benefits both 2source4 and customers. The user experience of Storefront provides a clear understanding of product and pricing for customers, without 2source4 having to verbally explain. On top of this, they can carefully curate multiple services, depending on needs, which customers can then assign to single or multiple users with one click of a button. Again – a big time saver.


2source4 do find themselves using other features, for example they use Spinpanel alongside Azure Reporting for their customer analytics, integrating both with their own Power BI tools.


A win-win situation for all

We’re happy to hear 2source4 find Spinpanel beneficial for their MSP business for many reasons. It’s created huge time saving opportunities for the service desk team, giving them the option to focus on important tickets and give their customer the care they deserve. They’ve also found the support of the Spinpanel team to be excellent, fast and direct, which we’re very happy to learn. We're looking forward to seeing 2source4 continue with their thriving success. 


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