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The New CSP Azure Experience

This year at Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft launched the new commerce experience for Microsoft Azure. As a result, a number of things related to Azure and associated services will be changing.

What’s changing

The new Azure plan provides new functionalities but also changes to the revenue model for you as a partner. The most important changes are the uniform Azure prices regardless of channel, which will be listed in US dollars for global consistence. It will be possible to set your own billing date, and in addition access to Azure Cost Management will become available. Microsoft will also be adding functionalities that support migration scenarios and associated reporting capabilities.

Microsoft will be operating with one price list in US dollars, and will bill tenants in their local currency for the region in which the customer (Partner Center tenant) has been registered. This offers transparency and clarity to price differences in cases of Pay-per-use or Enterprise Agreement vs CSP. As added value Spinpanel offers the option to calculate in the currency of the end-customer in advance, and naturally facilitates detailed Azure billing through our billing connectors. Spinpanel optimizations such as scheduled VM (de-)allocation and multi-tenant cost management offer advanced options for provisioning, management, and insights in the new Azure plan.

The margin model in the new Azure plan is based on added value. As partner you provide solutions to your customer. Microsoft provides credit on the invoice that is determined based on the added value you are offering to you customer as a Microsoft partner.

Spinpanel provides a variety of standard solutions by offering added value to the Microsoft Cloud portfolio. Examples include self-servicing, extensive Power BI reporting, billing connectors, but also specifically our solutions based on Microsoft 365 integrated in Azure. As a result of the automatic activation of Partner Admin Link, with Spinpanel you can be certain of correct usage registration over all your customers, and the correct crediting from Microsoft.

Our Spinpanel WorkSpace solution, which is based on Microsoft 365 and Azure, is the fastest and most simple way to provide a multi-tenant Microsoft 365 and Azure based solution that allows you as a partner to roll out and manage an entire modern workplace with integration and support for Azure IaaS, VDI, and Windows Virtual Desktop.

Using Spinpanel you can easily add value for your customers and create your own unique solution. Doing this increases both your margin as well as customer satisfaction.

Would you like to know what else Spinpanel can do for you, please contact us. We’d be happy to discuss a specific customer case with you.

When are the changes happening?

Currently, the introduction of the new commerce experience in CSP for Azure is scheduled for November 1st. Current subscriptions will not automatically be migrated and will continue to be supported for at least a year. However, during the transition period Microsoft will actively be approaching partners to encourage them to switch to the new Azure plan and its associated commerce model.

What’s the impact for Spinpanel?

The changes will be applied in different stages by Microsoft. Spinpanel is collaborating with Microsoft to make all functionalities available in our platform as fast as possible. The first important step for you as a partner is the option to offer the new Microsoft Customer Agreement to your customers for digital agreement through Spinpanel.

The second step is supporting calculations in the currency of the end-customer and the option to provide detailed invoicing for the new Azure plan through our billing connectors, including new and more extensive Power BI reporting options.

Our advice to you

  • Begin the adoption of the Microsoft Customer Agreement. Currently required for the new Azure plan, but compulsory for other products after January 31st, 2020.
  • Evaluate Azure contracts in Pay-per-Use and Enterprise Agreement and migrate these to CSP. Manage your customer using Spinpanel, this is a solution that directly qualifies for Partner Admin Link (PAL). Spinpanel takes care of the automatic activation of PAL in the customer environment.
  • Evaluate current partner agreements and related incentives to be able to gauge the impact of the arrival of the new commerce experience in CSP for Azure.

The future is bright

These changes within the Microsoft model also offer opportunities. For example, you as a partner can now differentiate yourself from the competition even more. This is why Spinpanel adopts and embraces the new commerce model, because it allows us to offer even more great solutions that can be used as building blocks or as complete solution to develop unique solutions for your customer. Spinpanel offers partners the option to handle available data and active resources within Microsoft 365 and Azure in a smarter and simpler way.

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