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Spinpanel reporting helps MSP’s gain insights into their Azure invoices

Insight and clarity about bills are very important for many companies. Of course, no one wants to pay too much or not be in the loop of what they are paying for in general. However, for many Azure users this is exactly the case. At the end of the month, many customers receive an invoice with the amount that they are expected to pay. Though, often no details on usage, the price of the resources that have been used etc. are provided. Luckily, the number of MSP’s that acknowledge this problem is increasing and they are actively looking for a solution for their customers. These solutions offer them more insights in the costs a customer faces and allows them the opportunity to check their monthly bills themselves.

Challenges using Azure invoices

For users of Azure classic, it can be quite challenging to know exactly why their bill is a certain amount. First, they receive an invoice with the payable amount. Since customers only have limited insights (or none at all) into the costs associated with this invoice, they often continue by calling their MSP to ask why their invoice is the amount that it is and why it might differ from previous invoices. This can be explained by servers not having properly been turned off or the increase of a certain instance.

Azure plan users do partially have insights into their costs through Microsoft’s cost management dashboard. However, Azure cost management only offers PAYG (pay as you go) pricing. This, of course, does not offer enough general information about your costs.


Spinpanel works with 2source4 to fix these issues. 2source4 is focused on implementing the ‘modern workplace’; arranging and maintaining an IT environment that is as trustworthy, flexible, secure, productive, and intuitive as possible. They gained success mostly through their Cloud First vision based on Microsoft Cloud Solutions and Aruba Networks. They have years of experience with Microsoft 365, Mobile Device Management, Networking, and Azure which has helped them realize there is no ‘one size fits all’ in IT. They are convinced that IT should add value to a company and should support as well as unburden employees in their day-to-day tasks. 2source4 understands that it is challenging for customers to not have any insights into their costs since, in the end, everyone wants to know what exactly they are paying for. They went ahead and looked for the right tooling to fix their customers’ issues and found Spinpanel reporting would be the perfect solution.

Gain insights into your invoice through Spinpanel reporting

Spinpanel is also aware of the challenges and uncertainty that MSP customers face when they do not have any insights into their expenses. Therefore, Spinpanel has introduced Spinpanel reporting module. Through Spinpanel reporting, an MSP can give their customers access to their own invoices. These are exhaustive and fully worked out to showcase any small percentage and amount, as well as the lowest resource properties. By using Spinpanel reporting, the MSP gets significantly less questions, and the questions they do receive, are more specific and substantiated. This saves the MSP as well as their customer a considerable amount of time. Additionally, Spinpanel offers Azure usage data throughout the entire month leading up to the invoice. This is an estimate of the usage of an entire month based on the current resources being used. The reports continually record which resources are being used and which costs are associated with these resources. So, Spinpanel, in a way, offers a ‘live view estimate’ of a customer’s costs. Reporting data are updated each day and so the customer can anticipate what the final invoice is going to look like. When, at the end of the month, the official invoice is published by Microsoft, the reports are straightened out by a so-called ‘billing correction’ – this corrects any deviating numbers on the estimate. This way the report exactly shows what the customer has used and therefore everything that is in the report concerning Azure costs is 100% accurate.

The main difference between Spinpanel and Azure cost plan management is that Spinpanel offers MSP’s the option to show their own prices to their customers, like purchasing prices and margins. Additionally, no actions are required within the Spinpanel platform to activate cost management; this is all completely automatic and thus there is no setup per customer. Also, Spinpanel reporting offers the possibility of customized reports for more detailed insights.

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