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Spinpanel Digest September 2020

It is that time again – we are here to share our latest news with you from our Spinpanel Digest. We have been busy chatting with our customers and writing blogs on all things Spinpanel and main struggles for MSP’s. Interested to see how we can help you out, too? Keep on reading!

A vendor lock in conversation

Vendor lock ins; we appreciate that they can happen. In our experience, we believe they are things that should be avoided, if entirely possible.

Understandably, these lock ins can sneak up on you. Before you know it, you have signed yourself into a long contract, or have realized most of your IP is based on the specific RMM tool you initially adopted. That then brings you to realize how switching tools can cause serious issues for your business. For example, you could lose the structure you have built to run things smoothly, plus sacrifice a lot of your time, effort and money to make a move. Which leads us to think; what are MSPs doing to avoid this?

Our Customer Success Manager, Rianne, sheds some light on this matter in her blog.

Want to solve your billing problems?

Looking to quickly quantify client licenses and subscriptions, and say goodbye to countless hours of manual calculating and processing? We have a billing solution that can deliver this to you. The combined Spinpanel – Autotask connector can help you issue granular usage invoices to your customers, unlock efficiencies, hit numbers, grow your business, and put a smile on customers faces.

What more could you want? If this sounds interesting, find out about this dream duo today.

Looking for ways to automate your MSP business? Self-service is the answer

We understand the day-to-day tasks such as license and subscription management can be very time consuming. When your days are focused on this type of task, it can stop your important ‘to do’ list getting shorter, and hinder company growth and innovation.

So why could self-service be the answer? Spinpanel helps automate Microsoft Partner processes – and we know a thing-or-two about licence management. This feature gives your customers the opportunity to control their own licence purchases, adjustments and more, giving you more time to focus that list!

Our Junior Marketeer, Eveline, had a chat with 2source4 to discover how self-service licensing has helped them thrive.

Education is key

We love learning from our customers. It helps us improve our offering and identify the features commonly being used to help streamline MSP processes. It also gives us the opportunity to implement feedback and improve our service offering.

We recently had a virtual coffee with Scoria Tech, a London based Managed Service Provider, dedicated to simplifying IT processes for businesses and teams. We learnt how they have seen a positive company growth from using Spinpanel, how they have improved CSP workflows, and automated their processes.

On the subject of customers…

We’re saying a big thank you to Microsoft for this great write up. Take a read and discover how Spinpanel has helped one of our Swiss customers, nexellent.

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