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Spinpanel Digest November 2020

It’s been a busy time over at Spinpanel HQ and it’s time for our new Spinpanel Digest. The team have been working on getting features into tip top shape, before rolling new developments your way.

There are a few new things we would like to share…

What is new at Spinpanel

Microsoft licensing and provisioning has always been a CSP juggling act, especially at billing time. You now can have a more targeted reporting experience, which in hand, will help you with end-of-month invoicing.

CSPs can now report and invoice on all SKUs available in the modern commerce experience, meaning less need to cross-reference additional reports and systems. Bingo. More time saved and less switching and number crunching.

Transparency talks

Could the lack of invoice clarity be hindering your team? Restricted insights into resources or subscriptions make it hard to determine how to attribute costs to customers, especially when invoices are summarized by Tier 2 Distributors.

Spinpanel now provides full support for Azure Plan, which means you can create detailed reports on usage and costs when purchasing directly, as well as through Tier 2 Distributors. You will also be able to report on the rates Microsoft or distributors have set, versus the conversion rates you use as CSPs.

Key benefits are:

  • Produce detailed invoices for customers
  • Be fully transparent with costs, showing customers exactly where their money is being spent
  • Provide a larger coverage of services within the scope of modern commerce

Maximize your profitability with price plans

Another great addition to our time-saving toolset is Price Plans. Resellers can now create set flexible pricing for Microsoft marketplace offerings and custom services leading to better profitability management.

Prior to release, CSPs were restricted on the prices that could be set. Now, you can get granular, and set your own pricing per SKU, giving a larger opportunity to define your CSP product catalogue and tailor it to your customers.

See all insights, control margins, and have maximum control and flexibility over pricing for Microsoft 365 and Azure with Spinpanel Price Plans.

Self-service to the rescue for iV4

Over the years Spinpanel has worked with many managed service providers, and we appreciate the challenges that go into building a successful MSP. Cue iV4, one of our wonderful partners who have fused business and technology for more than 20 years.

As iV4’s customer base grew, so did the demand for licenses, which is where Spinpanel’s core automation features, such as self-service, gave iV4 the boost and support they needed, to improve workflows and streamline growth strategies and team efficiencies. Customer demands also prompted the need for two additional features: Power BI reports and the Spinpanel-Autotask billing connector.

Hear from iV4’s COO, Jeanne Morelli, who goes into detail on how Spinpanel has supported them through their global CSP journey.

BeMSP partnership

We have recently partnered with BeMSP.

It is important for us to support Microsoft partners and distributors far and wide, helping to enhance and elevate customer service offerings. Our partnership with BeMSP gives MSPs in France the opportunity to use Spinpanel’s platform to scale, address the modern workplace, improve profitability, keep customers happy, and automate processes.

Be cyber smart

Did you know October saw Microsoft Cyber Security Awareness month?

Cyber security is a top concern for many companies, so the role of an MSP is increasingly important. When deploying Microsoft 365 environments, it’s key to ensure you have a consistent IT security policy applied across users.

We share the same outlook on the importance of security. Watch our handy video which shows how applying security templates can be made easy with automation.

Microsoft Updates

Microsoft recently introduced a new performance requirement for direct bill partners, in the CSP Program.

With immediate effect, partners who wish to become a Direct CSP will need to have at least 300k USD in CSP revenue, for at least 12 months, prior to their required support contract renewal date.

This may have affected you, so we have shared some information around the topic here. Don’t stress, we have helpful options via Spinpanel, which our team can chat with you about.

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