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For Spinpanel Portal and its custom solutions

Cloud Essentials

Be in full control of Microsoft licenses and subscriptions, boost productivity, and increase performance through smarter, more efficient processes.

$ 7.50
$ 7.50
  • Per tenant, per month

  • Includes:

  • Multi-tenant, user, and group management

    • -  Microsoft license and subscription management
    • - Identity and access management
    • - Service catalog
    • - Product and price management
    • - Customer self-service portal
    • - User onboarding and licensing
  • Advanced Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure automation

    • - Spinpanel Command Blocks and Sets
  • Tenant and user security

    • - Role-based access permissions
  • Insights, billing, and integrations

    • - Billing aggregation
    • - Export to CSV
    • - CSP lifestyle and billing aggregation
    • - Auditing and reporting
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Cloud Business

Experience faster, streamlined tenant setup and configuration. Create smart workflows to automate administration tasks and set up users and licenses using triggers and schedules.

$ 7.50
$ 7.50
  • Per tenant, per month

    75% off until 1.6.22'

  • Everything in Cloud Essentials, plus:

  • Multi-tenant, user, and group management

    • - Teamwork and communication
    • - Email and calendaring
    • - File storage and sharing
  • Advanced Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure automation

    • - Spinpanel Scenario
    • - Integration with Power Automate
  • Insights, billing, and integrations

    • - Microsoft 365 and Azure usage reports
    • - Microsoft 365 and Azure adoption reports
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Cloud Enterprise

Transform the Modern Workplace and ensure that users get the best out of themselves, can work together securely and are flexible in the choice of devices

$ 60
$ 60
  • Per tenant, per month

  • Everything in Cloud Business, plus:

  • Command Blocks

  • Manage devices and apps

  • Security and compliancy management

  • Spinpanel for Intune

  • Advanced auditing and log analytics

  • Extended report retention

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Trusted by 150+ world-class Microsoft partners

Trusted by world-class Microsoft partners


Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, you can adjust the logo and color scheme to your preferences. This means that when your customers login to Spinpanel, it will look like an extension of your business.

  • Microsoft Azure region West Europe and North Europe

  • Yes, you can create custom, third-party products and include these in the catalog you make available to customers.

  • No, Spinpanel engineers and employees are not able to act or make changes to your organization or tenants on your behalf. 

  • The Spinpanel auto-license adjustment feature ensures customers never pay for licenses they're not using. When this is turned on for a customer, Spinpanel runs a check every 24 hours to see if there are any licenses that are not assigned to user accounts. If so, it will return/suspend these licenses. 

  • Easily create workflows and automate day-to-day tasks with Spinpanel Command Blocks and Sets. Designed to streamline the more traditional PowerShell commands and make automated processes even easier, this feature lets MSPs set up and manage user environments effortlessly without writing a single line of code. Control commands from a single pain of glass. No more scattered management or logging in and out of various solutions.