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Press Release: Spinpanel welcomes new Chief Commercial Officer Bendert Post

Spinpanel is pleased to introduce Bendert Post as new Chief Commercial Officer. Bendert takes on a pivotal role in driving Spinpanel’s international growth plans in 2020 and beyond. Bendert succeeds Vincent Oostlander, who played an important part in Spinpanel’s foundation during 2019.

Bendert has previously worked with several renowned businesses such as ITON and PQR. He is tasked with strengthening and expanding the commercial and strategic activities of the Spinpanel platform. Spinpanel CEO Karel Saurwalt has confidence in Post’s appointment as CCO. “Spinpanel is currently taking some very important steps towards achieving both our national as well as international ambitions”, says Karel. “Bendert will create focus and clarity, to ensure both our national and international partners are served even better. His knowledge and experience are a great addition to the present expertise, and for that reason I am also very proud and pleased to have him join the team.”

Next steps

With Bendert’s arrival, Spinpanel is assured of a professional and experienced CCO. Bendert has earned his stripes in several management positions within the IT landscape and will combine his commercial background with the necessary industry-specific expertise. “I am delighted to continue Spinpanel’s success and to expand even further”, says Post. “In a world in which ‘cloud first’ strategies and adoption are growing exponentially, a platform such as Spinpanel is crucial. Spinpanel supports IT distributors and partners with the adoption of Microsoft Cloud, Azure, but also out-of-the-box solutions such as a modern workplace based on Microsoft 365. We help partners embrace new Microsoft services and make the transformation. I am very much looking forward to our collaboration.”


In addition to the arrival of its new CCO, Spinpanel continues to innovate in the area of Microsoft Cloud. For example, complete support for the new Microsoft Azure will soon go live and Spinpanel will be providing new out-of-the-box solutions based on Microsoft’s cloud services. This will enable Microsoft Partners to deliver more value to end-customers.


Spinpanel supports Microsoft Partners in automating and provisioning Microsoft Cloud services. The Spinpanel platform provides the tools to orchestrate, manage, report on, and self-service Microsoft Cloud services such as Office 365, Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure. In addition, Spinpanel offers the unique possibility to deploy and manage fully-fledged workplaces and other (zero-touch) solutions based on Microsoft 365 and Azure.

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