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Microsoft Updates Direct CSP Performance Requirements 

Microsoft is introducing a new performance requirement for direct bill partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program. This new requirement is as follows: 

Effective immediately, partners who wish to become a Direct CSP will need to have at least 300k USD in CSP revenue for at least 12 months prior to their required support contract renewal date. 

As of January 2021, partners who wish to maintain their Direct CSP status with Microsoft will need to meet the new requirements by their partner support plan renewal date. 

Read the full update here. 

As an immediate effect of this update, we expect a number of smaller Direct CSPs to be making the switch to an indirect provider. For some of our own customers as well as Direct CSPs considering indirect providers in general, we would like to highlight that Spinpanel has partnered with Tech Data to be able to provide our functionalities to indirect resellers buying through Tech Data.  

We therefore recommend any Direct CSP impacted by this news considering Tech Data as an indirect provider, to reach out to us and setup a call to make sure you have continued access to a range of functionalities not available elsewhere. 

You can contact us at and through our contact page.

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