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Keeping customers happy with auto-license adjustment

Spinpanel auto-license adjustment is a nifty feature that can sometimes be overlooked. It provides a unique piece of functionality to help your customers save money, with minimal additional effort.

What does it do?

In short: Spinpanel’s auto-license adjustment ensures customers do not pay for unused licenses.

When a customer’s auto-license adjustment is switched on, Spinpanel will scan all of their licenses to see if they are assigned or not. If any are found to be unassigned or no longer in use, these licenses will be removed, and Spinpanel will adjust the license amount to the actual amount physically in use – making sure the customer doesn’t pay for unassigned licenses. Spinpanel checks for excess licenses every 24 hours, taking this time-sensitive task away from you.

Rethinking license management

Traditionally, a Microsoft Partner would need to check if a license is in stock before assigning it to a user, which is a familiar process in the Partner Center; buy a license, then assign it.

In Spinpanel, these two steps are merged into one, meaning you don’t need to check how many are in stock. The moment a license is assigned, Spinpanel provisions and assigns it to the customer instantly.

Saving time and adding value

Auto-license adjustment is fantastic feature to offer customers added value, as you’re literally helping them save money by turning it on. In addition, you’re bringing a two-step process down to one, saving them time. What’s not to like?

Spinpanel auto-increment

We understand for some customers, getting used to the idea of never needing to check if enough licenses are in stock, can be a challenge. We’re also aware there are sometimes valid reasons for wanting to have excess licenses. For these cases, we offer Spinpanel auto-increment.

When this is switched on, and you or your customer assign a license, Spinpanel will not check if a license is available, but will always order a brand new license of what needs to be assigned – so if you have 20 licenses in stock and you assign one, you will still be left with 20 in stock.

Schedule a demo and to learn more about auto-license adjustment today.

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