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How to Supercharge your CSP

Cast your mind back to our last blog, Supercharging your CSP. Were any of the hurdles familiar? Maybe you are part of the service desk team nodding at the manual challenges stopping you efficiently completing workloads. Maybe you’re at a stalemate with business growth? Or maybe you are sitting back with a sigh of relief, thinking “been there, done that, got the t-shirt.” If this is the case, then you are a service desk superstar!

Definition of a service desk superstar:

Interested? How can you achieve this? Let’s start with a biggie….

How to tame the subscription management beast
When large multi-tenant environments and multiple end-customers need subscriptions and licenses for tools, it’s a no brainer automation should be explored to support with service desk success.

To put it into context, Spinpanel supports over 4.5 million Azure A.D users. Over the past few years, there has been an explosive growth of cloud tools and solutions, who will have similar, or larger user numbers. Marry that statistic with the fact each user needs access to a plethora of subscriptions from the likes of Google, Microsoft, Cisco, Veam, Akronis, Zoom. A lot of work capacity is needed solely on subscription management.

When looking at the big picture, generic best practices should be made as easy as possible, to support CSP teams. How can this be achieved?

  • Consider using self-service tech solutions
    Give customers the ability to understand, access and purchase their own licenses
  • Select products specific to customersbut manage accordingly
    Set the relevant permissions and limit SKU numbers can customers, freeing up your time
  • Promote customer autonomy
    Some solutions offer easy access portals for users to clearly purchase subscriptions and custom services

62% of MSPs said their software tools help to fulfil business needs, yet they have to use a large number to complete tasks. When you compare this to the 50% that would prefer fewer, or a single solution to manage processes, it’s an indication to select carefully.

Create awesome automation flows for your invoices
Without automation tools, service desk teams need to pay a high level of attention to the more burdensome administrative responsibilities of billing, to accurately deliver customer invoices. But with subscriptions and service analytics coming from many different directions, there is a higher change of missed billing opportunities and inaccurate invoices. Add the added complexity of the cloud to this, and cracks will naturally be exposed.

To achieve smarter end of month invoices, Microsoft CSPs should be able to confidently cover all analytical touchpoints for example, customer usage insights and transactions. The service desk superstars out there will be using automation processes which integrate various other tools, such as Autotask, to easily capture all data needed for accurate invoices. Take iV4 for example:

Automated billing workflows can help to:

  • Dramatically reduce the total billing process time
  • Avoid loss of revenue and maximise profitability
  • Minimise processing errors and miscalculations
  • Free up time otherwise spent manually keying or producing invoices

Supporting the growing cloud complexity
The cloud necessity has grown at a dramatic pace, especially now large company numbers are working remotely. Studies show many organisations completed migrations in record-breaking time yet resulted in 71% reporting negative effects due to the rate of transformation.

With this in mind, CSP can help a larger share of customers to refine cloud deployments, and instil trust in customers by:

  • Creating new CSP offerings
  • Having tip-top security measures
  • Staying on top of threats
  • Educating customers on the importance of security vs cloud environments
  • Develop solutions that better address a customer cloud experience
  • Fixing issues that other CSPs created

But this naturally can’t all be achieved manually.

How to become a service desk superstar?
Even with the best of intensions, relying on manual processes eventually limits service delivery and scalability. When automation tools are being used behind the scenes, skilled staff can focus on skilled work, while knowing software is delivering back-office workloads more efficiently, in term helping to:

  • Promote a stronger CSP-customer relationship
  • Create more opportunities to expand service offerings
  • Service and scale multiple cloud environments

Supercharge your CSP
1) Conduct a business review to understand what and where time is spent on everyday work
2) Research CSP automation solutions:
There are many out there, each with specific strengths
3) Use a solution that addresses your requirements:
If you need support across multiple areas like subscriptions and billing, consider a tool that can solve multiple challenges
4) Demo and onboard into new solutions and help your service desk team become superstars

About Spinpanel
Spinpanel is a comprehensive Microsoft Cloud Enablement solution for growing Microsoft Partners. Spinpanel’s CSP Automation Platform covers the requirements needed to be part of the Microsoft CSP Program, and enables CSPs to provision, manage, bill, deploy and report on Microsoft 365 and Azure services through a single, powerful and intuitive user interface.

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