CSP Self Servicing

SpinPanel offers CSP self servicing license management and technical enablement of services for both Office 365 and Azure without the need to set-up dedicated management portals. SpinPanel is added to the Office 365 app launcher, your users will be able to use SpinPanel without any training.

SpinPanel offers an easy-to-use interface that allows your customers to manage their own accounts and services. As a Microsoft CSP partner you can manage multiple customers with ease. Fine-grained role based access allows you to deploy and manage services securely.

Integrates in the Office 365 app launcher
Allow your customers to manage their own accounts and subscribe to your services
Automatic subscription and license activation in the Microsoft Partner Center
Automatic activation and deployment of Office 365 services
Automatic activation and deployment of Azure services
Create and edit custom service offerings for your customers
Two-way synchronization between the Microsoft Partner Center, Office 365 and Azure
Rich, interactive Power BI reports and real-time dashboards
Power BI billing reports with export option
Predefined role based access
Fine-grained and customizable role based access
Advanced management, compliance, reporting, alerting and auditing features
Multi-tenant Office insights and adoption
Unlimited Azure Active Directory tenants
Unlimited Azure Active Directory users
Option to include or exclude data fields, filtered by any available dimensions within Power BI reports
Automatic activation and deployment of on-premise services
Custom Azure Automation support
Branding and customization
Autotask integration
CloudBilling integration
CSV export
SpinPanel WorkSpace