Do I need to be a Microsoft CSP Tier 1 partner?

Nope, SpinPanel empowers every Microsoft Partner, with support for Microsoft CSP Tier 1, CSP Tier 2 resellers, indirect or advisor partners. If you are a Microsoft CSP partner you do have the option to directly buy and assign licenses in the Partner Center.

Can I use SpinPanel if my CSP Tier-2 doesn’t offer SpinPanel?

Yes you can, SpinPanel is already available through a growing list of CSP Tier-2 resellers. If your reseller is not using SpinPanel, you still use SpinPanel for license management, assignment, billing and reporting. Some features, like purchasing licenses directly are not available.

Can I build my own service catalog?

Absolutely! SpinPanel is designed for just that. Mix and match your services (Office 365, Azure or on-premise) and offer them to your customer. They can subscribe to your services and you’ll receive detailed insights on usage.

How do I enable my own on-premise services?

We offer a default resources catalog. We can enable additional custom resources for your organisation. Please contact us for more information.

Is it really free? What’s the catch?

Yep! FREE up to ten customers. All features, always! With the same speed, availability, security and privacy we offer in our premium plans.

Which billing integration does Spinpanel offers?

SpinPanel offers an end-to-end billing solution. Set pricing at different levels and gain insights in revenue and margins. SpinPanel integrates with Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Autotask and CloudBilling for automated invoicing of all your Cloud services.

How can I get SpinPanel?

Get SpinPanel from Microsoft AppSource, it’s added to your Apps automatically.