About Spinpanel

Spinpanel helps Microsoft partners attain higher productivity and better work processes. We do so by providing a single user interface on top of your Microsoft portal. Our company is characterized by our drive for technological excellence. We encourage forward thinking and initiative. Spinpanel is a versatile solution that will help your growing business scale up without growing pains. In addition, we are always anticipating future developments and aim to keep you equipped with the best toolkit out there: Spinpanel.


We focus on delivering a seamless customer experience through intuitive UX and UI.


We adapt to the changing IT landscape by developing technologies that fulfill real customer challenges.


We help Microsoft partners spend more time on what matters by empowering their end-customers to self-service.


Andy Ketelaars is a seasoned executive from Canada whose roots lie in the Netherlands. With years of experience in managing his own company Andy saw Spinpanel’s potential and is happy to reacquaint himself with the Netherlands through this business venture.
Andy Ketelaars
VP North America
Toronto Office
Vincent Mejan is one of the brilliant minds that made Spinpanel possible. As CTO Vincent has been the driving force behind Spinpanel’s innovation from the very beginning. Vincent has years of experience in cloud infrastructure with a heavy focus on Microsoft.
Vincent Mejan
Malden Office
Koen has worked in the IT sector for over two decades, and has had a front row seat to the emergence of technology and IT innovation. As COO Koen is responsible for the day-to-day proceedings at Spinpanel.
Koen Nicolasen
Malden Office
Vincent Oostlander is a seasoned international business development executive, with a knack for sales. With years of experience in the IT landscape, Vincent’s professional network offers new opportunities for Spinpanel.
Vincent Oostlander
Amsterdam Office
Venturing into the business world at a young age, Karel has a wealth of experience with different roles in many different companies, including running his own. As CEO Karel is heavily involved with Spinpanel’s strategy and long-term plans.
Karel Saurwalt
Amsterdam Office