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An MSP helping customers with their security, cybersecurity and compliance

The benefits of security management 

The benefits of security management 

2022-04-25 08:00:00 — 5 min read

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP), it’s up to you to deliver effective and reliable security services to your clients.

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of less secure environments and are more advanced with their security breaches. In fact, data shows that in the last 12 months, 53% of customers experienced at least one cyber-attack.

Security is a hot topic in media conversation, helping potential clients to understand the importance of system and file protection. This is great for MSPs, and many have seen security services turn from a ‘nice to have’, to an essential service.

Mastering your MSP

74% of IT Service Providers we surveyed agreed that cybersecurity and compliance were one of the biggest revenue drivers, while 90% of small businesses would consider switching Service Providers if they found one that offered better services.

If you’re not already on top of your security offering, there is a big opportunity to level up your MSP. To start the process:

  1. Define a comprehensive security offering.
  2. Provide ongoing work to maintain compliance.
  3. Gain more customers and increase revenue.
  4. Become the ‘go-to’ MSP for security.
  5. Support your long-term success.

Security without automation is challenging

Keeping organizations ‘threat free’ should be the number one priority for help desk teams. This is impossible to do without the right tools.

Today, security management is still largely manual: teams invest hours configuring security policies and applying each sufficient protection or PowerShell script to users and groups. In our fast-moving world, this isn’t sustainable and MSPs will fail to stop cyberattacks. Why?

  • Cyberattacks are too sophisticated. Criminals can identify the weak links in an organization’s network and gain access easily.

  • New threats constantly emerge. It’s impossible for MSPs to keep up without the help of software.

  • Attack timings are unpredictable. They can hit any network at any time.

It may seem intimidating or complex to implement new security approaches. However, the benefits of automated security are too good to miss.

The benefits of automated security

For efficient results, MSP businesses should depend less on their security teams and analysts, and lean on software solutions to accomplish the following:


1. Fully automate tenant security setup

Keep tight control of organization’s Workspace environments. Sophisticated solutions let MSPs set any security policy to tenant setups using pre-defined commands and triggers. These rules and workflows can be deployed widely across multiple or specific users and groups.


2. Control user access and roles

There could be hundreds of users connected to an organization’s OneDrive. The likelihood is that sensitive information should only be accessed by certain groups or users. Automation lets MSPs easily set up and manage specific Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to help with this.

MSPs can build RBAC Commands into workflows and deploy as widely or selectively as needs be. This effective method is more reliable than PowerShell scripts, which can contain errors and need frequent updates. These workflows can be triggered each time a user is added to a particular security group, without the need for MSPs to manually configure.

This process is an efficient and error free way to manage and deploy permissions, protections and passwords.


3. Respond to breaches faster

The need for human intervention can be heavily reduced when you automate your security operations. You can prioritize threats and handle certain attacks automatically with instructions created by Command Blocks and Sets. This will reduce response time and address security issues without manual effort. Most importantly, automation will respond to breaches much quicker.

Worst case scenario? Your customer gets hacked. Automation will restore business to normal with less work than manual operations.


4. Be the ‘eyes and ears’ of your team

The amount of security notifications that come through to response teams is vast. When controlled manually, this can cause more harm than good,Imagine constantly looking at a screen to prioritize each alert – you’d never have a day off!

Automation helps to increase response time and the quality and speed of investigation. Depending on your solution, granular rules and commands can be set to make this easier.

Security automation lets technicians focus on the work that requires judgement, planning and other skills. This maximizes the efficiencies of your security team and helps take the pressure of their workloads.


5. Improved costs

In a recent survey, 56% of MSP businesses find it hard to hire. The IT talent shortage doesn’t just make it hard to employ the right people, it also means you’re paying top dollar for talent. Security automation covers the low-skill and repetitive tasks, meaning leaders can reallocate people to complete more challenging projects.


6. Improved efficiencies

The sheer amount of security threats each day means help desk teams will be inundated with ticket requests. Teams can use their solutions alongside automated Commands to handle most basic troubleshooting tickets, without needing to lift a finger.

Tickets that contain real security issues can be flagged and put it in front of the eyes of a skilled worker to investigate further. Solutions can send pre-arranged messaging to companies that explain their security has been compromised, containing clear instructions on next steps.

Ready to automate your security processes?

To stay secure, MSPs need to automate their security processes. Automation solutions enable stronger, more reliable security control than manual management and use of PowerShell scripts. Even the most cyber resilient companies should assess their automation tools to see if it covers their every need.

At Spinpanel, our automation Portal helps Managed Service Providers and CSPs improve their security processes. You can manage all customers and users from one platform and service multiple tenants with one user account.

Teams no longer need to use complex PowerShell scripts, but can easily build Command Blocks and Sets into security processes and use triggers to help manage client’s security needs. MSPs can have confidence that their customers are better protected and more secure when they use Spinpanel.

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