MSP's using the new and improved Spinpanel Portal

Spinpanel: our new and improved automation portal.


Spinpanel: our new & improved automation portal. 

2021-10-01 04:32:42 — 5 min read

Wouldn’t it be great if you could spend less time on manual tasks, and more time to focus on business growth?


That’s exactly what our team thought before Spinpanel existed. Many of us come from an MSP background. Like you, we are very familiar with the frustrations, bottlenecks and challenges linked to manual day-to-day tasks. Managing large numbers of tenants is tough. Especially without automated tools.


However, we believe it’s important to turn roadblocks into results. To have tools that can take over tasks and give you more time. And for teams to reach the right customers and focus on the bigger picture…


Growing your Microsoft business.


Born out of necessity.

Since the beginning, Spinpanel has aspired to bring greater value to Microsoft Partners and end-customers. We believe automation solutions are crucial to help facilitate that.


Our Microsoft CSP automation platform was designed to reduce the burden of tedious and manual processes, and to help growing partners provision, manage and report on Microsoft 365 and Azure services. Since our launch in 2015, the Spinpanel toolset has helped many service provider businesses to:


  • Easily manage multiple-tenants and users.
  • Deploy a large numbers of Microsoft 365 licenses and subscriptions.
  • Increase help desk team productivity.
  • Service customers more efficiently.
  • Offer self-service to customers.
  • Facilitate other day-to-day activities, like Power BI reporting and invoicing.


Being an early adopter and champion of Microsoft 365 and Azure technologies has enabled Spinpanel to be trusted by leading Microsoft Partners across the world.


The future and beyond.

Microsoft Partners are facing more challenges than ever. Cloud adoption has grown at a breakneck pace. Coupled with changes in the Microsoft channel, the need for better tools could not be greater. 


We’re committed to enhancing Microsoft technologies and enabling Partners to succeed. As the Microsoft landscape evolves, so do we.


We've made sure Spinpanel was fit for purpose to address key challenges, such as:


  • Supporting customers with the transition from premises to cloud-based (Microsoft 365) environments  

  • Evolving business models to deliver greater value through managed services.


However, our team have been working diligently to future proof our platform, with massive enhancements on both the back-end and UI.


Introducing the new and improved Spinpanel. One Microsoft Portal that your service desk team and customers will love.


As our customer’s needs have evolved, it makes perfect sense for our CSP automation tool to develop and grow with them.


We have listened, understood requirements, and have become even more granular in our approach to Microsoft servicing.


We’ve kept our core fundamentals in mind but advanced our strategy. CSPs and MSPs can now implement more Microsoft functionalities, and offer an even stronger customer experience.


Bringing you the new and improved Spinpanel Portal.

Microsoft businesses can strengthen internal processes, increase customer satisfaction and scale faster.


We’ve stayed true to our roots but made the back-end stronger and more powerful. For example, our multi-tenant and self-service offering has improved capabilities and new tools for Microsoft Partners.


Spinpanel has been designed for convenience and creates clever ways to fully unlock your customer’s Microsoft Experience. With smart automation solutions, teams can confidently service multiple Azure or Microsoft 365 environments and instantly see the results.


Unlocking growth is now easier than you think, and the Spinpanel Portal will let you transform your business overnight.


Designed to support teams, grow your customer portfolio and scale, the improved CSP automation platform enables you to:


  • Speed up tenant deployments and management.
  • Simplify license management.
  • Eliminate tasks with self-service.
  • Automate client reporting.
  • Create billing workflows.
  • Simplify workspace and device management.


All of this and more can be controlled in one, easy to use interface that makes Microsoft users feel at home. After all, who needs a large number of tools when you can have one?


The sky’s the limit with Spinpanel Portal as part of your technology stack.


The Spinpanel effect.

Today, Spinpanel helps to service more than 10 thousand tenants and over 4.4 million Azure AD users. It has become a key automation solution for leading Microsoft Partners and MSPs worldwide.


The Portal empowers service providers to drive transformational change through Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions. With the right tools, best practices and support, all organizations can benefit from Microsoft solutions in every aspect of their work. Microsoft organizations can embrace the benefits of the cloud and become more efficient, scalable and productive businesses.


If you would like to explore more, explore our full feature offering.


Or dive deeper and discover our free guide: 12 ways Spinpanel can help you scale.