MSP Insights report

MSP Insights 2021 Survey Report

MSP Insights 2021 Survey Report

2021-06-04 04:36:12 — 5 min read

Have you ever thought it could be useful to glimpse into other MSP trends and business approaches?


Back in December, we contacted 800 managed service providers across the globe to try and achieve this.


Why? We wanted to bring you first-hand intel to understand common challenges and insights into specific focus and growth areas, and key MSP opportunities for 2021. The results are in, and we’d like to present the MSP Insights 2021 Survey Report.


What MSP trends were discovered?

Not only were there clear thoughts around market competition, the report highlighted a number of challenges MSPs have faced in previous years. For example, can you take a guess on what 56% of MSPs spend too much time on everyday? Or what do 62% of MSPs think about their automation toolsets?


Understanding the issues that arise in an everyday work capacity contributes towards solution building. But ultimately, this insight report was designed to present an opportunity for MSPs to analyze business operations, and enhance the tools and processes involved in running an IT practice.


Curious to learn more around boosting productivity and saving time for your Microsoft Partner business?


Download the report today.