CSP calculating Microsoft customers end of month bill

5 Benefits Microsoft CSP Billing Software Has To Offer

5 Benefits Microsoft CSP Billing Software Has To Offer

2021-06-03 07:30:41 β€” 5 min read

So - what is Spinpanel's Autotask billing connector?


We like to think of it as an MSP’s dynamic duo; the answer to your cloud management and billing needs.


Spinpanel and Autotask are technology services that facilitate typical CSP day-to-day processes. Both solutions help CSPs to unlock efficiencies, by allowing invoices to be delivered in a straightforward, easy to operate way.


Want to solve your billing problems?

Looking to hit numbers, successfully grow business, and put a big smile on customer’s faces? We thought so.


When linked together, service providers can say goodbye to countless hours of manual processing and calculating. Client licences and subscriptions can be quickly quantified, (even if frequently fluctuating,) and automatically applied to an Autotask contract.


So what can this achieve?


  • Spinpanel will send customer Office 365 and Azure usage data to Autotask.
  • Autotask will apply the correct customer usage to their specific contract.


This enables service providers to confidently issue granular usage invoices to customers. Customers are left with full transparency and a personalised customer experience.


Lets dive a little deeper

Looking for best-in-class CSP solutions?


Control profit margins & pricing

Make sure customers are only billed for what they use. Set customized pricing for Office 365, Azure and custom services.


Automatically create contracts

Use the Spinpanel – Autotask connector to eliminate the human error in processing digital cloud service contracts and invoices.

Synchronize cloud service usage

Say goodbye to the days of manual input. Fully automate your billing workflow with Spinpanel and Autotask.


Map services to existing contracts in Autotask

Or have Spinpanel create new recurring service contracts.


Be versatile

Sync Azure usage monthly. Have the option to bundle all usage as a single charge or outline individually.


Want to know more about this dynamic duo?