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Person explaining Microsoft CSP automation

What is Microsoft CSP Automation?

What is Microsoft CSP Automation?

2021-06-03 08:16:15 β€” 5 min read

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Microsoft CSP automation refers to the systems, tools and platforms involved in helping Microsoft Partners, especially those involved in the Cloud Solutions Provider program.


When in use, CSPs and MSPs can automate and scale many of the manual day-to-day administrative tasks associated with servicing Microsoft customers.


Every automation solution is different. However in general, CSP platforms are designed with functionalities that allow CSPs to automate Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 processes. These include everyday tasks such as:



Fast-moving Microsoft MSPs and CSPs need complementary tools to help scale business operations efficiently. Microsoft CSP automation can help with this. By using smart automation tools, API-driven provisioning, and integrations, businesses can conquer the more mundane, every-day cloud related tasks such as CSP billing. On top of this, CSP automation can help to replace, or at least reduce, human error, while freeing up team’s time to support customer demands and develop innovative solutions.


- 86% say automation makes teams more efficient and productive


- 98% say automation drives business benefits


- 30% spend up to 30% of their weeks on manual, repetitive tasks


Why automation helps with CSP billing

Tools work better when they are connected.


If Microsoft CSPs use an automation platform to integrate tools together, they will unlock a smarter way of working. By leveraging advanced automation solutions like Power Automate, and setting automated triggers and multi-step actions, time consuming repetitive tasks like CSP billing will be made easier.


A CSP billing workflow could look something like this:


1. Setup your CSP automation solution with a billing connector like Autotask.


2. Pull data via an API and send Azure of Microsoft 365 usage data to the CSP billing system.


3. Trigger the CSP automation platform to collate the information into an invoice and send to the customer.


4. Set this automated workflow across multiple tenants and roll out customer’s Microsoft invoiced automatically.


What are the benefits of Microsoft CSP Automation?


  • Improve service delivery
    Through practical and reliable CSP automation tools to directly provision, manage, report, bill and provide general support for every customer

  • Save time and deliver efficiencies
    CSP automation tools help to reduce every-day admin tasks, giving Microsoft Partners time to focus on business growth and customer experience

  • Increase profitability
    Automation frees up your team’s time to focus on value-adding work. It also enables smaller teams to service larger volumes of support tickets for Microsoft customers

  • Grow tenant volumes
    If processes are automated, CSPs can work with higher tenant numbers, which naturally allows for business growth

  • Increase profit margins
    Own and control the billing cycle of products and services sold to customers. Create unique financing options to reflect the CSP profit margins you are aiming for

  • Improve accuracy
    CSP automation will reduce the risk of human error

  • Deliver tailored services
    Be a trusted advisor and the first point of contact for all customer needs. Use CSP automation to meet their demands and provide individual services, relevant to specific clients

  • Maintain compliance
    Metrics matter in cloud business. Have confidence that end-of-month billing figures are accurate, and showcase results customers can trust


What is the Microsoft CSP Program?

The Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider program (CSP) was born to help partners elevate their business. It gives the opportunity to go beyond license and subscription reselling and allows partners to directly manage their customers entire Microsoft Cloud eco-system.


In order to be part of the Microsoft CSP Program, there are a few requirements:


  • Enrol as a direct partner
  • Have an active Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID
  • Have authority to accept and sign legal agreements on behalf of your organization
  • Be able to provide the first level of cloud product support to your customers
  • Have at least one managed service, IP service or customer solution application
  • Finally, have the organizational infrastructure in place to manage billing and provisioning


The majority of Microsoft Partners use CSP automation to help elevate them in the Microsoft CSP Program.


Popular Microsoft CSP Automation Platforms

A number of software vendors provide CSP Automation solutions to solve many of the challenges faced by growing Microsoft Partners. It is worth noting that not all platforms are created equal. Each platform has specific strengths and capabilities that others may not provide.


Remember to use a solution which addresses the necessary requirements you need to achieve your CSP. Some popular contenders are below:



A Microsoft Cloud enablement & automation solution designed for Direct Microsoft Partners, CSPs, Indirects & Tier 2 Distributors. The multi-tenant CSP automation platform supports automated license provisioning, management, deployment and reporting on Microsoft 365 and Azure services.



A CSP automation and provisioning platform which provides tools for distributors, as well as support for multi-cloud.



Automated cloud subscription solution that supports billing, service delivery and other services.


Total One

A platform that supports self-service & license management through automation.


What to do next?

If you are a growing Microsoft Partner, it makes sense to conduct a business review to understand how much time is being spent on process-intensive work. You may find that manual processes and simple work could be easily automated with the correct tooling.


Our MSP insights survey addresses some of the key challenges faced by CSPs, who lack CSP automation platforms. Of if you were ready to get started with automating Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions, the practical checklist from our Microsoft Cloud automation Whitepaper might help.


About Spinpanel

Spinpanel is a multi-tenant platform for Microsoft Partners, which allows them to sell, deploy, manage and automate Microsoft Cloud solutions. Through one powerful, easy to use interface, you can unlock the full Microsoft experience for your CSP business and customers.


The Spinpanel CSP automation platform covers the requirements needed to be part of the Microsoft CSP Program, and enables CSPs to provision, manage, bill, deploy and report on Microsoft 365 and Azure services easily.


Download our whitepaper and learn how to automate your MSP today