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Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework For 2021

Managing the seismic shift in cloud migration

2021-06-04 05:33:43 — 5 min read

The rate of cloud migration has risen year-on-year. But the global pandemic has forced companies to assess their remote working accessibilities, and pivot to improve ‘work from home’ arrangements.


This has created a seismic shift in cloud adoption. Organizations have had no choice but to get their ageing on-prem tech to play ball with the modern world. Of course, this is great news for the CSPs out there! The shift in focus has stimulated demand for more managed cloud services, that were perhaps ‘nice to haves’ prior to the global pandemic.


Migrating businesses to the Microsoft cloud is not a new operation by any means. But the impressive increase in companies quickly evolving and adopting cloud-based technologies, has resulted in a few problems.


Have cloud migrations been successful?


Research shows 71% of companies reported "negative effects due to the rate of cloud transformation." Many cloud migrations were done in record-breaking time, and 'quick and dirty' migrations efforts have created challenges for organizations. Some include: 


  • Operational issues
  • Bad cloud migrations
  • Data governance issues
  • Unrealized business outcomes
  • Higher than expected cloud costs


The opportunity

It’s a no brainer…anything that grows at a dramatic pace will experience hurdles along the way.


Unfortunately the speed of necessary transformation has resulted in a vast number of customer cloud environments needing improvements. Organizations need to know their cloud service providers have confidently and accurately underpinned their business operations.  This could bring CSPs a larger share of customer cloud environments to manage. 


70% of survey respondents aim to accelerate their cloud deployments in 2021. With some careful considerations, the growing customer cloud complexity could give CSPs a wider business opportunity. Think refining cloud deployments and creating new CSP offerings. Microsoft will also be expanding the opportunities for those in the CSP Partner Program. Another big hint that cloud adoption is booming.


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