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How self-service licensing leads to more time and control

How self-service licensing leads to more time and control

2021-06-03 07:55:36 — 5 min read

Does this lengthy process sound familiar? You just hired a new employee and must arrange new licenses. First, you send a ticket to your own IT department, who will redirect this to your helpdesk. Eventually, it is supposed to end up at your MSP. It often takes multiple days before these new licenses are activated which means your new employee’s start is not as smooth as it should be – they might even fall behind on tasks. How easy would it be if you could fix this yourself within 15 minutes?


Acquiring new licenses – a time consuming process.


For many MSP customers, it is hard to get a clear overview of the number of licenses they own and how many of those are being used. Also, they rarely have clear insights into which licenses are being paid for. This can be very frustrating at times.


Moreover, it is a challenge for customers to acquire new licenses within a short period of time. When the user needs a new license or wants to adjust something, they first need to call their own IT department. Next, an IT employee will contact their helpdesk who will in turn contact the company’s MSP to activate the right licenses and assign them to the right user. All in all, a lot of time has passed, and many actions have been taken before the extra licenses are acquired. For many customers this means that they cannot get the maximum out of their time and money and therefore not work as efficiently. However, by introducing the right tooling, companies can easily boost their efficiency.



Spinpanel works with 2source4 to fix these issues. 2source4 is focused on implementing the ‘modern workplace’; arranging and maintaining an IT environment that is as trustworthy, flexible, secure, productive, and intuitive as possible. They gained success mostly through their Cloud First vision based on Microsoft Cloud Solutions and Aruba Networks. They have years of experience with Microsoft 365, Mobile Device Management, Networking, and Azure which has helped them realize there is no ‘one size fits all’ in IT. They are convinced that IT should add value to a company and should support as well as unburden employees in their day-to-day tasks. After hearing their customers’ struggles with licensing, a partnership with Spinpanel turned out to be the best solution.


"Spinpanel self-service helps our customers gain control of their licenses by allowing them to purchase subscriptions and licenses themselves. The fact that these products are instantly provisioned not only saves them time, but us as well."


Spinpanel self-service licensing

The issues that 2source4’s customers were experiencing are solved with the use of Spinpanel’s self-servicing. Spinpanel is driven by their customers and understands that license management is a long and time-consuming process for many. Therefore, Spinpanel has introduced self-service licensing. This gives MSP customers the opportunity to free up more time and reduce the number of steps needed to buy and provision licenses. With Spinpanel’s self-service licensing, 2source4 helps their customers to quickly adapt to changes within their company and maintain short lines of communication. Because of this, customers gain complete control over their licenses – with the push of a button they can view, manage, and expand their licenses. New purchases are instantly provisioned which saves them a lot of valuable time. Acquiring and managing licenses has never been this easy.


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