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Service provider trying to tackle complex challenges with automation

How automation tackles complex Service Provider challenges.

Written by Vincent Mejan. 



How automation tackles complex Service Provider challenges.


Written by Vincent Mejan

2021-11-26 04:38:16 — 5 min read

Have you noticed that as business grows, you can’t continue to work in the same way you did before? For example, if you were to take on 5 new customers right now, each with 100+ users, how would that impact your team? Will they have capacity to deliver your best service?


The demand for managed services and IT workloads is increasing in today’s digital world. Cloud adoption has grown at a breakneck pace, and more and more companies find the need to use IT Managed Service Providers. The increased demand doesn’t come without challenges. Coupled with changes in the Microsoft channel, such as NCE, Service Providers continually have their work cut out for them. Among the challenges are:


  • Inefficient ways of working
  • Too many tools
  • Lack of time
  • Unable to scale
  • Increased security threats


The need for better tools could not be greater. After all, you don’t want to deliver a subpar service and get a bad reputation. Coming from MSP backgrounds ourselves, we knew it was time to make some big changes to Spinpanel. Our Portal can now help you even more.


The ultimate time saver

Technology teams have always sought quicker, easier ways to manage multiple tenants and users. These teams often have to work with numerous customer environments, switching between hundreds of tools and multiple portals to make this happen.


The result? Slow servicing, increased risk, and complex workloads.


Unfortunately (but understandably), this complexity can negatively impact the customer experience.


Why? Manual processes, information silos and disconnections.


Spinpanel redefines multi-tenant management. Spinpanel’s Portal solution allows you to simplify common tasks in Microsoft 365, Azure and Partner Center without switching environments or customer portals. I will be explaining more about this in our December webinar.


A highly efficient automation solution

Many Service Providers have already enlisted the help of automation solutions to support with workloads. However, in time, or at the point of scaling, the need for advanced capabilities highlights the limitations of their existing tools.

The result: Managing and maintaining complex automation scripts to take care of manual, repetitive tasks.


The lack of efficient tools means:

  • You stop adding value to customers.
  • Technology team’s lives are made a lot more challenging.
  • Managed services can’t be delivered efficiently.
  • It becomes a lot harder to scale.


Portal’s automation capabilities face this dilemma head on. There is now a new way to add value to your customer using Spinpanel Command Blocks, a no-code, unified graphical interface to Microsoft Graph, Azure ARM and Partner Center”


Keeping security front and centre

Security threats are more sophisticated with the rise of Cloud migrations and the hybrid workforce, meaning the value of security as a managed service has dramatically increased.


Many Service Providers have told us that their automation isn’t advanced enough to easily control user roles and permissions, especially when managing high numbers. This rings huge alarm bells for us.

The result: Increased security breaches, more time, added costs and resources needed to resolve the problem. You’re likely to lose customers too if they realize their Service Provider hasn’t securely set up their Microsoft 365 environment.


Through Spinpanel’s Portal solution, Service Provider teams can set detailed security privileges through role-based access controls (RBAC), tokenized authentication and much more. It allows organizations and Microsoft Partners to granularly control access to specific tenants and workloads. Find out more in December.


The Spinpanel Effect

Automating managed services at scale brings a wealth of benefits. However, you need the right tools to help you get there. You’ll find your challenges disappear when you invest in the right solution. When you can provide customers with better visibility of Microsoft licenses, usage, costs, Cloud resources and compliance, success will follow.


Spinpanel’s Portal empowers businesses to drive transformational change through Microsoft 365 and Azure solutions. With the right tools, best practices and support, all organizations can benefit from Microsoft solutions in every aspect of their work.


Register for our webinar:

What’s new in Portal?

Join me and Spinpanel’s CCO, Bendert Post, as we deep dive into the benefits and new features of Portal.


Hear in more detail how this new and improved automation solution will solve common Service Provider challenges.


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About Vincent Mejan:

With over 18 years of experience in Microsoft Cloud and IT infrastructure, Vincent Mejan is Chief Technology Officer at Spinpanel. As a creator and architect of Spinpanel, Vincent leads all aspects of the company's research and development.