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5 ways self-service can help MSPs and customers

5 ways self-service can help MSPs and customers

2021-06-21 07:50:57 โ€” 5 min read

Does this sound familiar to you?


A client of yours has just hired a large number of new employees, who all need Microsoft 365 licenses. Not just one license, but a multitude of licenses for numerous users and different tools. Your MSP help desk team starts the repetitive manual task of assigning each license and subscription to specific users, but then a similar request hits your screen from a different customer.


Even with the best of intensions, relying on manual processes eventually limits service delivery and scalability. Especially when large multi-tenant environments and multiple end-customers need subscriptions and licenses.


A self-service portal could be your answer.


Why? Self-service can help you to streamline license, business and team processes, increase customer satisfaction and optimize a positive customer and CSP experience.


What does self-service do?


1. Gives customers control to perform license tasks themselves.

When in use, self-service allows customers to manage Microsoft 365 license quantities quickly and autonomously. They can add, renew, remove, and carry out the straightforward tasks which might take your help desk team longer to do.


2. Reduces technicianโ€™s workloads.

Empowering customers with the license knowledge they need will significantly reduce your service deskโ€™s workload. Self-service is a convenient tool that can stop back-and-forth customer communications and an influx of ticket requests. This means they can focus their time and efforts on more complex support tickets.


However, customer experience wonโ€™t be compromised. If issues arise, they can easily log requests to their MSP, who will likely have insights to support further.


3. Promotes cost and billing transparency.

Customers like to see, track and understand where their money is going. As self-service portals often provide a clear overview of monthly, ongoing and historical spend, customers can streamline their budgeting and cost management. MSPs can set spending limits - pre-agreed of course, and automate communications to advise customers if their at risk of going over-budget.

4. Increases customer satisfaction.

90% of customers prefer to use self-service over speaking to help desk members, and know they can manage a quick fix without their MSP. A win-win for both customer and managed service provider, and a great way to strengthen reputation.


5. Sets MSPs up for successful true-ups

A users license is an extremely important part of an employees day-to-day, but itโ€™s management is often low on a MSPs priority list. If time isnโ€™t spent correctly allocating Microsoft 365 licenses, true-ups sessions will be slower with more time needed to correct inaccuracies. Your customers can point you in the right direction by clearly controlling what they need. You then can manage the rest.


In summary

When self-service is used behind the scenes, skilled staff can focus on skilled work, while knowing software is supporting customers and delivering back-office workloads more efficiently. It helps to save internal time and resources yet still delivers remarkable customer satisfaction and experiences. Self-service also allows you to service customers more efficiently, as portals usually provide deeper insights into buying behaviours and needs, and opens doors to other value added services.


Many of you will understand the Donโ€™t repeat yourself (DRY) principle. With that in mind, consider exploring self-service and automation to support with service desk processes, future true-ups and Microsoft 365 license success.


For more information, learn how Spinpanel can help with self-service. Or download our true-up guide to discover other license best practices.




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