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BeMSP announces partnership with Spinpanel

BeMSP, integrator and coach for MSPs in France, distributor of solutions for MSPs and IT providers, announces its partnership and collaboration with Spinpanel, a leading Microsoft Cloud enablement platform and solution for Managed Service Providers.

We have seen a growing adoption of Microsoft Cloud solutions among our MSP partners,” explains Thomas Bresse, president and co-founder of BeMSP,but managing and billing them can be a challenge as their number of customers increases. We are pleased with this partnership with Spinpanel to further support the ecosystem of Microsoft partners on the French market. This will allow MSPs to extend their uses of Microsoft Cloud to Azure and the Modern Workplace while streamlining billing with Autotask PSA integration.

Spinpanel is a Microsoft Cloud solution in its truest sense. Built entirely on the Microsoft Active Directory, and with its own roots as an MSP, the platform was born to change the way Microsoft Partners think about solution selling. The powerful and feature-rich toolset helps Managed Service Providers tackle everyday challenges, such as license management, Azure insights, billing, and modern workplace deployment. The platform currently supports 3.1 million Azure AD users in over 33 countries, and in just over two years, has helped Partners to grow their Azure Consumed Revenue by over 400%; which in turn has helped increase eligibility for Partner incentives, grow revenues and improve scorecard performance.1

 “We are very pleased to partner up with BeMSP as a way to further expand our business within the French market. BeMSP are a well-known and trusted advisor to many MSPs in France, and through them, those MSPs will now also be able to experience all the benefits Spinpanel has to offer.” – Karel Saurwalt, Spinpanel CEO.

The dedicated multi-tier and multi-tenant solution, gives Managed Service Providers the opportunity to support their customers’ transition from on-premises, to cloud-based (Microsoft 365) environments; whilst evolving business models to deliver greater value through managed services.

In our experience, the key to succeeding with cloud solution delivery is striking the right balance between functional excellence, scalability, and profitable commercial benefit”, explains Karel Saurwalt, CEO of Spinpanel

Spinpanel understands the transformation automation can bring to an MSPs business. The application boasts many automatized features dedicated in solving specific business needs, and clearly navigates Partners around a dashboard to help with time-consuming, labor intensive tasks. It provides MSPs with an opportunity to up-sell customized product bundles, and gives customers access to manage their own licenses and subscriptions. The team understand human error is natural, and have carefully curated features to provide Partners with resources to eliminate this. For example, their Autotask billing connector makes it simple to automatically consolidate numbers, and pull together granular reports customers can trust. Spinpanel has also found many MSPs appreciate their easy to use Power BI reporting functionalities, which clearly highlight Azure usage and insights.

This is just a snapshot of what the Spinpanel platform can offer. Through this partnership with BeMSP, Managed Service Providers have the opportunity to use the platform to help scale their business, address the modern workplace, improve profitability, keep customers happy, and automate processes.


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