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6 ways Spinpanel can help you save time

Born out of necessity, Spinpanel is designed to take the pain out of cloud-based license management. It offers a unified view that empowers you to streamline your cloud business processes. The platform provides a scalable A to Z solution where you can manage, provision and report on Microsoft 365 and Azure services as well as facilitate detailed customer invoice creation through CSV export and billing connectors.

Microsoft CSP automation:

The Spinpanel platform is designed to automate your Microsoft cloud business and improve productivity by reducing human error. It allows teams to focus on business-critical tasks that are more important.


Multi-tier, multi-tenant license management:

In addition to unique multi-tenant support, Spinpanel provides a unified view of all your partner data. Easily switch between end-customer accounts and govern access through role management and fine-grained permissions.


Empower your customers and save time with self-service licensing:

Through the Spinpanel platform, you can give end-customers the option to purchase licenses from you directly. The end-customer can login and purchase licenses and subscriptions that you have allowed them access to. These will be provisioned automatically.


Data security:

Spinpanel is designed to keep you in control of license permissions and keep customers in control of their own data. High levels of security can be achieved through role management and fine-grained permissions.

In addition, Spinpanel has designed a solution for large distributors to selectively synchronize Partner Center data. With EasyConnect, you have full control over which parts or accounts are synchronized with Spinpanel.


Customer insights & analytics:

Using Power BI Premium, Spinpanel offers extensive spending and usage analytics. Gain insight into the adoption of specific features, user engagement, product lifecycles, Azure consumption, Office 365 usage and more.


End-to-end billing:

Spinpanel integrates with invoicing tools for automated invoicing of all your cloud services. Set different pricing levels and gain insight into revenue and margins.


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