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Cloud automation made easy

SpinPanel offers one unified platform for the creation, deployment and management of your Office 365, Azure, On-Premise, or custom-made services. SpinPanel manages license provisioning in the Microsoft Partner Center and technical enablement of your services in Office 365 and Azure.
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Office 365 insights
SpinPanel SelfService

CSP Self Servicing

SpinPanel offers self-service CSP license management and technical enablement of services for both Office 365 and Azure without the need to set-up dedicated management portals. SpinPanel is added to the Office 365 app launcher, your users will be able to use SpinPanel without any training.
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Office 365 Insights

SpinPanel uses the powerful reporting and analytics capabilities of Power BI to analyze and create interactive dashboards of your Office 365 services. SpinPanel offers trend and summary views and interactive charts, enabling you to analyze specific values.
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SpinPanel Office Billing

Azure Insights

View Azure CSP cost- and usage trends in SpinPanel. Not only does SpinPanel offer powerful Power BI interactive dashboards and reporting, but SpinPanel also collects detailed usage of all Azure resources and properties. Even if you don’t deploy Azure services using SpinPanel, you’ll still have the ability to react and avoid unnecessary costs so you can maximize the value of your customer’s Cloud investments.
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SpinPanel keeps track of the utilization of all your customer’s CSP Azure subscriptions and the burn rate of those subscriptions. List subscriptions at a resource group, resource and resource property level. Identify who is using how much of what in your Azure CSP subscription. SpinPanel will automatically import all spending and usage information on a daily basis. Current spend and burn rate is displayed in both charts as well as tabular reports.
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SpinPanel Azure Insights
Integrates in the Office 365 app launcher
Allow your customers to manage their own accounts and subscribe to your services
Automatic subscription and license activation in the Microsoft Partner Center
Automatic activation and deployment of Office 365 services
Automatic activation and deployment of Azure services
Create and edit custom service offerings for your customers
Two-way synchronization between the Microsoft Partner Center, Office 365 and Azure
Rich, interactive Power BI reports and real-time dashboards
Power BI billing reports with export option
Predefined role based access
Fine-grained and customizable role based access
Advanced management, compliance, reporting, alerting and auditing features
Multi-tenant Office insights and adoption
Maximum of 50 Azure Active Directory tenants
Maximum of 5.000 Azure Active Directory users
Unlimited Azure Active Directory tenants
Unlimited Azure Active Directory users
Option to include or exclude data fields, filtered by any available dimensions within Power BI reports
Automatic activation and deployment of on-premise services
Custom Azure Automation support
Branding and customization
PowerShell or API access
Deploy SpinPanel in your own Azure tenant

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1. Add spinpanel

Get SpinPanel from Microsoft AppSource. Use your partner organization account to login and start our four step onboarding process. SpinPanel is automatically added to your apps in Office 365. Yes it's free!
SpinPanel AppSource

2. Configure access

Tell us the relevant information needed to access your services. SpinPanel connects to the Microsoft Partner Center to keep track of your customers and subscriptions.
SpinPanel Roles

3. Sync your customers and services

SpinPanel offers two-way synchronization between the Microsoft Partner Center, Office 365 and Azure. After a few minutes you’ll see all your customers and services in SpinPanel. Assign roles to your customers and they too can start using SpinPanel right away.
Sync your customers and services

4. Monitor status

SpinPanel uses the powerful reporting and analytics capabilities of Power BI to analyze and create interactive dashboards of your Office 365, Azure and custom services. SpinPanel offers trend and summary views and interactive charts, enabling you to analyze specific values, all available out-of-the-box. It’s that easy!
SpinPanel Monitor

Compatible with

Microsoft Azure
Office 365
Microsoft Dynamics
Windows 10

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Do I need to be a Microsoft CSP Tier 1 partner?

Nope, SpinPanel empowers every Microsoft Partner, with support for Microsoft CSP Tier 1, CSP Tier 2 resellers, indirect or advisor partners. If you are a Microsoft CSP partner you do have the option to directly buy and assign licenses in the Partner Center.

Can I use SpinPanel if my CSP Tier-2 doesn’t offer SpinPanel?

Yes you can, SpinPanel is already available through a growing list of CSP Tier-2 resellers. If your reseller is not using SpinPanel, you still use SpinPanel for license management, assignment, billing and reporting. Some features, like purchasing licenses directly are not available.

Can I build my own service catalog?

Absolutely! SpinPanel is designed for just that. Mix and match your services (Office 365, Azure or on-premise) and offer them to your customer. They can subscribe to your services and you’ll receive detailed insights on usage.

How do I enable my own on-premise services?

We offer a default resources catalog. We can enable additional custom resources for your organisation. Please contact us for more information.

Is it really free? What’s the catch?

Yep! FREE up to ten customers. All features, always! With the same speed, availability, security and privacy we offer in our premium plans.

Which billing integration does Spinpanel offers?

SpinPanel offers an end-to-end billing solution. Set pricing at different levels and gain insights in revenue and margins. SpinPanel integrates with Microsoft Dynamics Navision, Autotask and CloudBilling for automated invoicing of all your Cloud services.